Welcome to Fairy Town! We are so glad you are here!

The creation of this website was inspired by a story I watched called Firefly Forest. The magic and the inspiration of the fairy garden intrigued me. Even as an adult the mystery and creativity of fairy gardens was so overwhelming I wanted to inspire others. I recently moved to a new town and I wanted to create more fairy gardens in the natural environments and local parks. Of course I didn’t want the city to shut me down and stop me from creating so I decided to make the fairy gardens out of the natural materials found at the site. My very first fairy garden I named Pinecone Palace! It was so fun to make! Every time I visit this park (It is currently my very favorite park so far) I find this little treasure in the woods and it makes me smile! I hope others have found Pinecone Palace and enjoyed the wonder and imagination it inspires.

The idea of creating new “Fairy Towns” is to get others to create them as well! I’d love for this idea to go viral, like the painted inspiration rocks or the stone stacking! I want this curiosity to become a tradition and spread throughout cities around the world!

But in order to create these Fairy Towns, we must first and foremost RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT! So there are some basic rules I think we all should follow:

  1. Use only what you find in nature. If you are in nature you are bound to find a plethra of materials. Broken branches and twigs, rocks, pinecones, fallen leaves, bark, moss and more. Use these natural materials to create a work of art!
  2. Do not disturb what is living! I cannot stress this more! It might make it more of a challenge but please do not cut down trees, break living branches or pull up anything that is currently thriving in it’s environment. Let it be! That would be the fairy motto if I were to actually meet one! (And I hope to some day!)
  3. Don’t obstruct. If you decide to make a Fairy House or Gnome Home try to make it off the beaten path. Don’t put it in the way where someone might have to step over it on a walking path or bike around it. It should not obstruct the use of the space it is in.
  4. Be mindful of dangers. Don’t create a structure that could harm someone. Which means, don’t make it too big, don’t put it somewhere someone could hurt themselves on it, or anywhere it could fall on them. Fairies are small and don’t need huge mansions – just modest little dwellings that work within nature itself.
  5. Do NOT Vandalize! If you come upon a fairy house, please do not destroy it! If anything, clean it up a bit and fix anything astray. And if you aren’t into fairy gardens, just leave it alone for others to enjoy.
  6. Clean up! If you are creating a fairy garden or palance, clean up the area around it. This is a great opportunity to take a garbage bag and pick up any rubbish you might find like broken glass, cigarettes and other things that inconsiderate trolls have left behind. Make the space better than how you found it! Nature gives us so much goodness, let’s respect her by cleaning her up a bit more!