How to Make Boots

This tutorial might not necessarily be fairy related but these boots work great for dolls, gnomes or any other character you might want to create! But first let me share a little bit about Ronan. I found her at Goodwill, tossed in with dozens of unloved ceramic dolls in the corner of the store. Once I saw her adorable, sweet little face I had to have her!!! It’s funny, I never was really much into dolls as a little girl. I preferred stuffed animals, especially Teddy Bears and would sit in front of the TV hand sewing all sorts of plush creations. Now, as a adult, I find myself drawn to these dolls and I enjoy “upcycling” them into something fresh and new!

Here is little Ronan after her makeover. I had to brush glue out of her hair and re-curl it. And made her outfit from clothing I got at Goodwill. I just love these colors!!

Her feet were porcelain and she had heals – I really wanted her to have boots so I tried to find some online but was unable to find what I needed that would fit her feet. So I decided to try and make some.


  • Piece of thick black foam paper – for soles
  • Black felt
  • Twine
  • Hot glue
  • Hole punch


Size the sole of the shoe



Wrap the felt over the foot to create the toe area of the shoe. Glue onto foam/paper sole. Add another piece of felt for the tongue – give yourself extra fabric, you can always cut the extra off later depending on how high you want the boot.



Size and cut the back part of the boot then glue to the back of the sole. This can be tricky – see pics for example…


Cut holes for the twine lace making sure not to cut the holes too big or too close together. Then lace the shoe.


Trim any excess felt away from the bottom of the shoe. I wanted my boots to be taller so I cut another piece of foam/paper to add to the bottom of the shoe.

I think her boots came out quite well for my first set! I know this tutorial might have been a little difficult to follow. If there is interest I may make a downloadable template so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.