DIY $Dollar Store Fairy Garden

Here is a complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can make your very own Fairy Garden. This is the perfect craft to make as a Mother’s day gift or just for yourself to enjoy. Since it does not use live plants you never need to worry about watering it! The total cost to make this particular fairy garden was only about $10!! Things like the moss, gravel, and foamcore could all be used for several projects so it could actually be cheaper than that. TOTAL STEPS: 9

Most of the supplies came from the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Store Supply list:

  • Foamcore board – black
  • Fairy house
  • Succullents
  • Flowers
  • Moss
  • Tin container
  • Light string
  • Batteries
  • Gravel

Additional Supplies from any craft store:

  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Exacto knife
  • Wire cutters
  • Wine cork


Use the tin container to draw out the shape in the foamcore you will use as the base. I outlined the top and then cut it slightly smaller so it would fit inside the top of the tin a little.

Cut out the shape with an exacto knife. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


Layout your garden design by placing the house and the succullents where you think they look best. Once you have them arranged the way you want them you can cut holes in the foamcore with your exacto knife and push the succullents into the holes.


I like to glue the house in first because then it gives me something to hold onto when I am working with the plants. Don’t glue the succulents in yet. Remove them for the next step but take a quick pic or lay them out in order so you remember which holes they go in.


This part can be tricky and you can easily burn yourself so BE CAREFUL!!

Use the glue gun (or another form of glue if you feel more comfortable) and glue in the moss covering the rest of the foamcore. You might want to leave a path in front of the house so you can put in the pavers (cork) and gravel but it is up to you. This is the step where I have burned myself more times than I can count! Use the back handle of the exacto knife or pliers to push the moss down into the glue without getting burned.



Using the exacto knife or steak knife, cut the wine cord into slices about 1/8″ – 1/4″ thick. Using 2-3 slices, hot glue them on the pathway in front of the door to your fairy house.


Now you can put the flowers and succulents back in the holes they were in. Sometimes the glue covers the holes so you might have to use the exacto knife to unplug the holes. Cut off any excess wire underneath with your wire cutters. I prefer to glue the plants down as well so they don’t move around and I can arrange them better. Once again be careful, that glue is HOT!


Fill in the remaining area of the foamcore with hotglue making sure to go around the cork pavers. You could put the pavers in after this step but I prefferred the look of the pavers being sunken into the gravel or sand. Sprinkle the fine gravel or sand (I used black but there are several other colors available at the dollar store). Again BE CAREFUL! Use a tool handle to push the gravel into the hot glue. Be sure to add extra gravel because whatever doesn’t stick you will just shake off after it dries and use again.


If you decide you would like your fairy garden to have lights (I like to think of them as fireflies!) then this is that step. First, put batteries in the unit – again you can battery packs cheap at the dollar store.

The light string I used had a screw to open the battery compartment. So when I glued it to the underneath side of the foamcore I glued the opposite side so I could still replace the batteries when they died. When gluing this on make sure to place it somewhere you don’t think you will want the lights to show up on the top side, like underneath the house itself.

Figure out where you want to place a light and use the exacto knife to make a pretty large hole depending on how big the bulbs are. Push the bulb through just so it barely comes through the top. Do this for the rest of the string of lights. You can line the pathway, or put them in random places depending on the look you want.


Once you are done with the previous steps, place the foamcore back into the tin container. Like I said before, using the house as a handle make it easy to remove the top to turn the lights on and off.

At this point your project is complete and you can trim up some things or add additional embelishments like a knome, fairy or a birdhouse like I did in this fairy garden.

You are done, and ready to enjoy your new one-of-a-kind fairy garden!!! These are small enough to put on any shelf, or at your cubical desk to add some creativity to your workspace. It could also be used as a nightlight next to a child’s bedside (be careful of any choking hazards)

Now, maybe a fairy will move into your new place and set up his/her home!

If you don’t have the time or materials to make your own fairy garden, go check out the ones for sale on the shop page!!